Introduction to Public Policy

Introduction to Public Policy II, 2016 Winter Term

Simona Torotcoi: I joined the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations in September 2014 (Public Policy Track). My main research interests include the study of higher education policies, especially access and participation. Currently I am conducting research on the implementation of the Bologna Process (Supervisor: Liviu Matei).

In the academic year 2011-2012 I was a student within the Roma Access Programs at Central European University, where I took tutoring classes in Public Policy, then I completed a master's degree in Public Policy at CEU (Track: Higher Education and Management, 2013) where I worked on the case of Romanian Roma students' participation in higher education (Supervisor: Jana Bacevic and Kristina Irion). Before joining the Doctoral School, I completed an MSc. in Public Administration at Leiden University (2014) where I worked on students' choice and university rankings in The Netherlands (Supervisor: Marija Beerkens).

I would like to express my gratitude to the Roma Access Program faculty and staff for giving me the opportunity to teach Introduction to Public Policy II, during the 2016 Winter Term. There is nothing more exciting than teaching a course I have taken, in a program I was part of, a program which has played an important role in my career.

Introduction to Public Policy I, 2015 Fall Term

Pinar Donmez: I am currently a research fellow at CEU Center for Policy Studies. Previously I studied at Middle East Technical University (Turkey) for my bachelor and minor degrees in political science and philosophy and University of Warwick (UK) where I obtained my MA and PhD degrees in politics and international studies. My doctoral research focus was at the intersection of critical political economy, economic policymaking and state restructuring in a crisis context with a particular focus on Turkey. I have gained teaching experience mainly at METU, Warwick and recently at CEU.

I contribute to the RGPP as a tutor for the Introduction to Public Policy course in the 2015-16 fall term. What interests me the most about the RGPP is that although it rests within the traditional institutional structure of an academic environment, it strives to challenge and transcend its established and often exclusionary boundaries and engage with novel, unconventional teaching/learning practices. I think this aspect allows it to provide extensive support and mentorship to the students as well as a unique experience for the tutors that perhaps cannot be obtained elsewhere. I am pleased to be part of it this academic year and I hope I could make a meaningful contribution.