Introduction to International Relations and Political Science

Introduction to Political Science and International Relations II

Ewa Maczynska: "I am currently a PhD candidate in International Relations at the Central European University. I have masters degrees in International Relations and in History of East-Central Europe. My research interest falls at the intersection of International Relations, International Political Sociology, Citizenship Studies and Gender Studies. In my academic work I look at the different forms of horizontal solidarity with asylum seekers and I problematize the politics of "drawing borders", both at a physical and discoursive level. 

I joined RGPP in the spring semester 2016 in order to teach Introduction to Political Science and International Relations. I believe that the program offers great oportunity for students to develop their academic skills, deepen their knowledge on the topics they find interesting, and prepare them for entering chosen Universities. I am excited about teaching - the small number of students in my group allows to structure the syllabus according to their needs and offers great space for discussions and exchanging ideas."

Introduction to Political Science and International Relations I

Asli Karaca is a PhD candidate at Comparative Politics at the Doctoral School at CEU. Her doctoral research is on women's Islamic movements in Turkey and Egypt, while her broader research interests are political participation; social movements; gender, identity and qualitative methods.

"My connection with RGPP has first started when I took part in the Hate Speech Monologues at CEU in 2014 where I performed together with some of the students and graduates of RGPP about prejudices, discrimination and hate speech we all experience. With a smaller group from the Monologues, we have worked together in slam-poetry projects outside CEU, as well as continued the following Hate Speech Monologues.

I am teaching Introduction to International Relations and Political Science at RGPP since September 2015 and I am very happy with this experience. It is a learning process for me and the students, and I see that the program is exponentially increasing the academic skills and enriching the social connections of the students, as well as, us, the tutors."