Peter Radai


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Having been invited to join the teaching forces of RAP, I began teaching the 2013-14 cohort of RELP students in September 2013. Though I had been involved in dozens of international education projects, this was my first ever involvement in teaching English to a group of students coming from a variety of European countries. The specific dual focus of the programme, language and skills development, coupled with the task of supporting the personal and professional growth of young Roma intellectuals, has enriched me ever since, making my teaching days something I keep looking forward to every week. The only downside? I have had to get up before 4 a.m. every Thursday for about two years, but I do this with joyful anticipation and eagerness to prepare as well as I can for my classes.

In the first two years, we focused on developing students listening and academic writing skills, and my ex-students have indicated in their feedback that they became more mature language learners, as well as having developed their respective skills. Then September 2015 brought some new opportunities, when I was asked to teach RGPP courses as well, where my experience in developing academic skills is called for. One great advantage of being part of RGPP is that I can follow some of my students' growth and academic progress for two years. I am looking forward to our joint future