Identity and Leadership Seminars. The Evolution of Roma Emancipation: Education as a means for social inclusion by Nadir Redzepi

The overall question of the seminar is: How did we (Roma) arrived to this phase of emancipatory journey?  The purpose of the seminar is to reach common understanding about the genesis of the current (development) stage of Roma situation in Europe.

Internship opportunity at the Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative

Two internship positions:  6-12 months, paid internship at REDI


Starting date:                            June 1, 2017

Application deadline:             May 20, 2017

Full Or Part Time:                     Full time

Internship Opportunity at the COUNCIL of EUROPE

Intern Position - 6 months or one year paid internship, Council of Europe


Starting date:                   May 1, 2017

Application deadline:      April 10, 2017

Full Or Part Time:             Full time

Conference "Critical Approaches to Romani Studies" - Call for Papers

Date: 25-26 May, 2017

Date for submission of Abstracts: April 16, 2017

Venue: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Scholars are invited to submit abstract for the conference “Critical Approaches to Romani Studies” organized by the Roma in European Societies (RES) initiative of the Central European University (CEU) to take place in Budapest, Hungary on 25-26 May, 2017.