Roma Access Programs is Looking for Two Program Coordinators

Full-time Program Coordinator

Roma Access Programs (RAP)

The Roma Access Programs at Central European University invites applications for two full-time Program Coordinator positions.

Starting Date: As soon as possible

"The Roma as the Concept of the Stranger " key note speech by Maria Bogdan at the RGPP Student Presentations 2016-2017

 As a media theorist my main focus is to understand the modern forms of racism against Roma in Hungary through the images that are represented in the Hungarian media. The basis of my theoretical and analytical approach are cultural studies and within I especially focus on the representation theory (Stuart Hall), postcolonialism (Spivak), poststructuralism (Derrida) and the theories of the stranger.

Critical Approaches to Romani Studies at CEU

On May 25, 2017, an international two-day event, Critical Approaches to Romani Studies, convened at Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. Hosted by the Roma in European Societies (RES)initiative, this international conference sought to explore how Roma have begun to overcome exclusion from knowledge production by using critical theories and methods to reshape academic and research narratives on Roma.

Romaphobia: The Last Acceptable Racism in Europe by Dr. Aidan McGarry

This presentation explores the relationship between identity, belonging and territoriality by highlighting how spaces can stigmatise and exclude Roma communities. Romaphobia is a manifestation of racism: it is cut from the same cloth. In this presentation, I offer a comparative case study based on field research in two of the largest Roma settlements in the world, in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia and in Košice in eastern Slovakia.

Identity and Leadership Seminars. The Evolution of Roma Emancipation: Education as a means for social inclusion by Nadir Redzepi

The overall question of the seminar is: How did we (Roma) arrived to this phase of emancipatory journey?  The purpose of the seminar is to reach common understanding about the genesis of the current (development) stage of Roma situation in Europe.