Human Rights


Zsuzsanna Gedeon is currently teaching the RGPP International Human Rights Law course, for the first time. She is an SJD candidate at the Legal Studies Department in comparative constitutional law. 

Her main interests include political and legal philosophy, constitutionalism, separation of powers and the relationship between politics and law. In her dissertation she is analyzing how the classical liberal, conservative and republican intellectual traditions envision limiting political power, and how effective these institutions are in limiting the fused executive and legislative powers in the US, France, the UK and Hungary. 

Before joining the SJD program, Zsuzsanna graduated from the Faculty of Law at ELTE in Budapest, in 2010. She obtained her LLM degree in Comparative Constitutional Law from Central European University in 2011. The same year she was accepted to the SJD program at CEU. She was a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University in 2014. She spent the last year at the NYU Law School while being a Fulbright Scholar.

International Human Rights Law I (fALL 2015)

Magdalena Smieszek is teaching the RGPP International Human Rights Law course since 2014. As a doctoral candidate in the Legal Studies department, her research is focused in particular on migration law, cosmopolitanism, social and economic rights, and asylum. Prior to her studies at CEU, she spent many years moving around the world working with international organizations. This included seven years with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in places such as Nepal, Pakistan, Lebanon, Yemen, and the regional office for Central Europe in Hungary. She has also worked with the International Organization for Migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Budapest-based regional office for Central Europe, the OSCE Office for Human Rights and Democratic Institutions in Poland, the United Nations Development Program in Ghana, and a social justice NGO in India. As a Global Fellow with the Gordon and Walter Duncan Foundation, she had completed research on anti-trafficking policies in Europe. Magdalena has a BA in International Relations from the University of Calgary, a Juris Doctor from the University of Windsor and a Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Oxford.