Franklin Maduko is currently a PhD candidate in Economics at Central European University and the tutor for the students in the Economics track of the RGPP program. Prior to his PhD studies, he obtained a MSc. in Econometrics at Catholic University of Louvain in 2013 and a BSc in Mathematics and Computer science in 2008. He writes his PhD dissertation in the field of International trade. More specifically, he strives to contribute to the body of knowledge on the incentives for foreign direct investment, patterns of foreign direct investment, regulations and its welfare implications.

Franklin started his teaching career in 2009 as an executive IT tutor at a leading ICT firm prior to his masters' degree education. He has been a teaching assistant in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Mathematics at the Economics department of CEU.

In his free time, Franklin enjoys going to the cinema, travelling, visiting the opera house, playing basketball, running and taking a long walk around the city.