Welcome to the Roma Access Programs


The externally funded Roma Access Programs (RAP) unit of Central European University aims to help promising Roma* students to realize their full academic and professional potential. The long-term goal of RAP is to prepare young, outstanding Roma students to serve as role models and leaders for the Roma community overall.

About Roma Access Programs

The unit has two programs, the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) and the Roma English Language Program (RELP). 

Career Paths

The Roma Graduate Preparation Program equips Roma students to meet the challenges of continued study at master’s level. A large majority of RGPP graduates move on to English-language master’s and PhD programs at CEU and other renowned universities, and find employment in international organizations and local NGOs. The Roma English Language Program provides participants with the skills necessary to compete for international internships, career, and educational opportunities.

Alumni Network

The programs bring together talented Roma people from all over Europe, immersing them in a lively and stimulating multicultural environment and engaging them in discourse on a variety of Roma issues. The lasting friendships and professional relationships that students forge during their time at RAP are helping to build a growing international network of RAP alumni – a close-knit community of successful Roma professionals who are committed to making a difference.


Students of both RGPP and RELP receive full scholarships for the duration of the programs. The financial aid covers travel to and from Budapest, tuition and fees, accommodation in the CEU Residence Center, health insurance, study materials, and living expenses.


Since its founding in 2004, RAP has been funded exclusively through external donations and grants from individuals and foundations concerned about the widening educational gap between the Roma minority and the majority population. We welcome enquiries from prospective donors.

RAP's past and present donors

*Each year, there are different countries eligible for the programs. Check the specific Roma Graduate Preparation Program and Roma English Language Program pages for more information.